• Serviços Atlantico, will identify the needs and requirements of our potential or existing clientelle;
  • If accepted, we will then source / procure the products / goods from our suppliers / manufacturers in South Africa or abroad, based on price, quality, and availability of the product / goods;
  • On receipt of the product / goods, we will check and verify the product conformity according to your required specifications;

We specialize in the supply of:

  • Equipment required for the initial set-up of mines and camps;
  • Personnel accommodation, offices, medical stations, kitchen and laundry facilities;
  • Structures for warehousing and storage facilities;
  • Mining process plants;
  • Electrical and mechanical spares, components and consumables, used in mining process plants.
  • New and pre-owned Earthmoving machinery, specializing in very low hour machines, 0 - 5000 hours;
  • Earthmoving machinery spares, components, accessories and service consumables;
  • Engineering equipment, machinery and tools;
  • Truck tractors and trailers suitable for rough terrain;
  • Low bed trailers with high ground clearance;
  • Double axle and tri-axle flat deck trailers with container twist locks;
  • Geological & Exploration Equipment;
  • Water and electrical reticulation;
  • Specialized military type 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 vehicles;
    • Samil;
    • Magirus;
    • Unimog;

Remanufactured, modified and utilised as:

  • General cargo carriers, with optional extra's, such as:
    • Hydraulic crane;
    • Drill rigs;
    • Flat deck body;
    • Drop side body;
    • Tipping body;
    • Anti-landmine cabs;
    • Left hand drive steering;
  • Personnel carriers, fitted with benches and canvass roofing;
  • Recovery vehicles, fitted with winching and lifting equipment;
  • Service & Lubrication trucks;
  • Fuel tankers;
  • Water tankers;
  • Special security and service vehicles;
    • Armoured security vehicle;
    • Ambulance;
    • Fire engine units;
  • Port Material Handling Equipment:
    • Harbour cranes;
    • Portal cranes;
    • Reach Stackers, (Full container handling);
    • Hi-lift forklifts, (Empty container handling – 7 high);


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