Serviços Atlantico, has a in house freight forwarding division and will ensure and provide an efficient and reliable forwarding and logistics end to end solution to clients, worldwide.

  • Serviços Atlantico, will book the most suitable carrier as designated, or agreed upon, providing the most cost effective and expeditious arrival date at port, and or job site;
  • Serviços Atlantico, will arrange the required inspections with local authorities, providing critical information, ensuring the accuracy of documentation required by custom authorities set by the receiving country;
  • Serviços Atlantico, will supervise, being responsible for the condition of packing of all products / goods;
  • Serviços Atlantico, will forward all transit documents, via express mailing services, according to your instructions, ensuring the distribution of required documentation to the relevant nominated persons, enabling you to arrange for the pre-clearance of goods prior to arrival at the designated Port;
  • Serviços Atlantico, will arrange for the clearance of goods, by our nominated clearing agents, alternatively you may nominate a clearing agent of your choice.

Effective communication with our clientele is vitally important, and is a substantial feature of our business. We have therefore established a universal communication system covering the progress of all orders to the completion of the transaction.

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