Misia has manufactured an extensive range of hoists for more than 25 years. Over 50.000 wire rope units have been sold worldwide and are operational in every sector of industry.

The range consists of capacities between 1600 Kg and 50 000 Kg and lifting heights between 7 meters and 96 meters. The hoist units are available in different configurations:

  • Low headroom monorail Type 83,
  • Standard headroom monorail Type 3,
  • foot mounted (fixed or suspended) Type 3,
  • double rail “crab” units (supported or inverted) Type 53.

With these configurations, Our range allows us to meet any requirements or application: capacity, hook travel, travel and hoisting speed, load spectrum based on the FEM classification (FEM section IX). All MISIA hoists comply with the Machine Directive 2006/42/CE.

RWM represents a tangible evolving process that has been developing electric chain hoists for over 30 years and which has seen its experience and capability of innovation create over 60,000 units. It has serviced an array of sectors throughout the world and is considered a thriving force and world leader in the production of electric chain hoists.

The RWM chain hoist line can be distinguished by its innovative design, its superior quality and high standard of safety at a competitive cost. Three key factors that dictate and have become necessary in current markets. RWM has been able to gather its own resources and market studies to distinguish the ever changing market needs, which in turn has brought about the creation of a vast line of products.

For RWM, the search for quality and the latest innovative production methods, is what we thrive for. We always look to modernize our production equipment and use the finest tools in production equipment which in turn create a higher quality hoist.

RWM currently operates in two facilities. One which focuses on research and development and the other where the assembly gets carried out by a joint effort between sophisticated machinery and highly trained and skilled personnel.


SENNEBOGEN, established in Germany in 1953, is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of Mobile Cranes and Material Handling Machinery.

Crane Line

Crawler Cranes, Heavy Duty Crawler Cranes, Telescopic Cranes, Harbour Mobile Cranes, Truck Cranes and Multi Cranes.

This equipment is utilised mainly in the Building, Civil Engineering, Crane Rental, Mining, Demolition, Port and Construction Industries.

The above machines are available as Track, Wheel, Pedestal and Fixed mounted. Machines are either diesel or electric driven.

Lattice Boom Cranes (80 – 300 tons), Heavy Duty Lattice Boom Cranes (20 – 180 tons), Telescopic Cranes (8 – 80 tons) and Special Harbour Cranes (40- 180 tons) maximum lifting capacities.

Material Handling Equipment - Green Line

Material Handling Machines and Multi-Handlers for the Recycling, Scrap, Timber, Port, Construction and Mining Industries.

The above machines are available as Track, Wheel, Pedestal and Fixed mounted. Machines are either diesel or electric driven.

Reach From 9m to 35 m, Operating Weight From 19.9 tons to 270 tons.


Suppliers of Cranes, Explosion Proof Hoists, lifting & Pulling Winches

HMF: Truck Mounted Cranes

Abmats & Booms

Absorbent Abmats and Booms are used on land, tough being olephillic[attract oil]and hydrophobic [repel water] they are ideal for absorbing oil from water. They will not disintegrate or sink even when saturated with oil and are easy to dispose of. They are manufactured , using natural wich is an environmentally friendly and readily bio-degradable. Non –Toxic, readily biodegradable.

Features & Benefits

  • High absorbency means less product is required to clean up
  • Hydrophobic with high buoyancy level
  • Less material is hauled to landfill or incinerator
  • Prevents wildlife from coming into contact with pollutant

SoilClean Bio Organic Powder

Eco Nutria SoilClean is a dual purpose oil/ fuel absorbent and bio degrader that readily absorbs and biodegrades all fractions of petrol hydro carbons.

The natural non-pathogenic bacteria, enzymes [micro organisms] present in SoilClean naturally biodegrades the comtaminant to harmless bi-products of carbon dioxide, water and a bio mass in situ in a short time frame.

SumpKleen Liquid & Granules

SumpKleen is available in liquid or granules. The formulated blends of surface –active ingredients were designed to flocculate oil and suspended solids from the sludge bed in drilling sumps and to replenish the [COD] Chemical Oxygen Demand rapidly.

Eco Wash

Is an environmentally acceptable multi purpose degreaser and cleaner which contains no solvents. acids, ammonia, caustic or paraffin it is readily biodegradable , user friendly. Due to the efficient cleaning effect of on organic soils , such as grease and oil can often replace much harsher solvent based cleaners. It does not damage rubber, plastic paint or metal.

CyClean Natural Solvent Cleaner

From this ship bunker oil fuel mess to this in less than two hours
CyClean is an environmentally acceptable product, used for the rapid removal of heavy oils and greases on a wide range of floors, surfaces and machinery.

Deep Clean

DeepKleen Oil-Lift is a clear, colourless formulated liquid blend of surface-active ingredients in an aqueous solution. Designed to remove oil stains from hard surfaces areas such as Engineering workshop floors, Factory Floors, Airport Aprons / Runways, Garage Forecourts, Floors, Car Parks, Driveways, Patios and Paving

Wheelie Bins, Vehicle Spill & Replacement kits

Eco Nutria produces a comprehensive range of wheelie bins, for oil / fuel/ acid / alkaline spill applications. Vehicle spill kits Replacement kits for all applications.

Breakdown Pit Latrine and Septic tank activator

Is a stable powder / liquid suspension of spores and vegetative micro organisms capable of digesting complex proteins, human solid waste, starches, fats, cellulose and vegetable gums Special bacterial strains in Breakdown actually digest laundry detergents which can inhibit the performance of the system. Breakdown contains strains of bacteria which degrade tissue paper, human solid waste, fats, oils and grease at an accelerated rate.


Is a water soluble organic based product which will not harm the environment. “Safe to Nature”, it’s primary function is to eliminate odours quickly and permanently working at the source of the odour problem. It’s secondary function is to oxidize and reduce the COD levels present.

Manufactures of Core trays
“Saving money per meter stored”

Polyurethane & Rubber Woven Wire Screens &
Woven Wire Mesh
Wedge Wire
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Steel Pipe Tubing

Steel Pipe Fittings

Steam Pipe Fittings

Buttweld Fittings

Pipe Flanges

Pipe Couplings Jointing

PVC Pipe Fittings

PVC Pressure Fittings

HDPE Polyethylene Piping

HDPE Pipe Fittings

Irrigation Products


Control Valves Actuators

Valves - General Purpose

Valves Industrial

Valves - Waterworks

Valves - PVC PP

Pipe Working Tools

Plumbing Products


Civils Products


Fire / Petrol Products



Challenge Power Transmission

Challenge Power Transmission is the manufacturer of the complete range of power transmission products.

With over 25 years experience in manufacturing within their own facilities.

Diamond Chain Company

With over 100 years of manufacturing experience. Diamond Chain Company has become the leader in the manufacture of precision roller chain.

FAG / INA Bearings & Linear Products

For more than 120 years, the Schaeffler Group with its brand FAG has been one of the leading manufacturers of precision rolling bearings for the automotive, mechanical engineering and aerospace industries.

The INA brand stands for the development and manufacture of rolling bearings, plain bearings and linear systems as well as precision components for the automotive industry for engines, transmissions and powertrains worldwide.


For over 50 years, Zero-Max has created innovative solutions to motion control problems.

Together with Zero-Max, we can engineer a solution to solve your motion control requirements.

VISTA Bearings

VISTA Bearing, with its Corporate head office based in the USA, offer a new range of quality bearings which apply a strict Quality Management System and conforms to Standards GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008.A.

VISTA Bearing is comparable to most B branded bearings and offers as many as 210 monthly inspections as well as conducts 100% on site tests on each and every production procedure.

Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc

Martin Sprocket & Gear was founded in 1951 by Joe Martin. Over the decades Martin has expanded through machining, fabrication, forging, casting, powdered metal technology and machined & injection moulded plastic of power transmission components, material handling products and industrial hand tools.

VISTA Bearing is comparable to most B branded bearings and offers as many as 210 monthly inspections as well as conducts 100% on site tests on each and every production procedure.


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